​”ICC skipped T20WC 2018″

Before the Final of ICC Champions Trophy ICC announces that T20WC 2018 scraped and the next T20WC will be played in 2020. Still, the venue for 2020 T20WC not yet decided but it might be Australia or South Africa.

As there are many bilateral series between full members of ICC so it is difficult to arrange T20WC. As last six edition of T20WC played in South Africa (2007), England (2009), West Indies (2010), Sri Lanka (2012), Bangladesh (2014) & India (2016).

Also, next Champion’s Trophy will be played in 2021 in India. ICC also think about the Test Championship as ICC wants to arrange the big tournament for each format. First ICC announces that ICC Test Championship will be played in 2017 in place of Champions Trophy but cancelled due to some reasons.

So the next ICC tournament will be World Cup 2019 in England.

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